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Random reset?

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So, whenever i load up a game, useally WoW, my computer gets so far then it just resets...why? Ive run virus scans, ccleaner, search and destroy and adware and no improvement /cry. Helps please :p
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Reboot the computer. Before windows starts to load press F8 for the boot options window. Choose "Disable automatic restart on system failure" option then try and load the game.
nah no luck there man, it just comes up with a blue screen covered in writing, **** like "If this is the frist time you've seen this messge please reset"...and some random codes. Any thoughts?
Please list your complete specs of your system.
The game you are loading isnt a copy?
nah no luck there man, it just comes up with a blue screen covered in writing, **** like "If this is the frist time you've seen this messge please reset"...and some random codes. Any thoughts?
Exactly what I am looking for. Please post the error from the BSoD.
Sorry about taking so long to get back you.

About the error...i doupt i can printscreen during that error...guess ill write it down on a peice of paper...ill post again with the error.
here it is:

Technical Information

*** STOP: 0x0000008E (0xC0000005, 0xBFB1C028, 0xEF98AA18, 0x00000000)

*** vtdisp.dll - Address BFBLlc028 Base at BF9D4000, Datestamp 41b59d4d

Beginning dump of physical memory
Physical memory dump complete
Contact your system administrator or technical support group for
further assistance
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Run Memory Test to check the RAM errors...
Also what is the PSU brand of ur Computer?
you're talking to a noob here...PSU = ?

edit: and whenever i try that memtest i get abunch of folders that dont have anything in em.
PSU = Power Supply Unit... if u are interested in reading about it then you can check.. thread!

You dont have to open that file... Download the file from link, put it on a floppy drive and reboot your computer with floppy drive as a first boot selected.
Try updating your Graphics Card drivers as that may fix the problem :)
I dont know what my video card is :p, Cause ive had problem with my video card and I had to take my main one out awhile im useing the onboard one that came with the computer.

In the device manager under Display adapters theres : VIA/S3G UniChrome IGP

guessing thats it, but goggling it I cant find drivers for it anywhere.
I did that google, and yet none of the first however many seemed to work for me. Maybe im just useless, probable, but still.../cry
Google "driver cleaner pro" download and install the boot into safe mode and run driver cleaner, remove any driver relating to video including your old card.

Then install the latest drivers for your onboard.

I doubt your onboard S3G UniChrome will run wow very good but it should not reset
The onboard has run WoW for a good 3 months now...its been fine, with enough ram it hasnt been very laggy...although some graphics were abit lacking.

I updated the driver, no luck...continued to get the same error.

Ill try that cleanup thing and update again...ill see what happens. Thanks.
nah, its not doing much help...keeps resetting.
Are you able to try the game in a different compatibility mode?
Not the slightest clue what a compatibility mode is, or how to change it :p sry.
You need to enter your device manager and check for any yellow alerts., especially on the display. control panel>system>hardware>device manager
click "view" then click "show hidden devices"

Open the side, blow out the dust, and post back what the info is labeled on the side of the power supply, then also post the rest of your computer specs.
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