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Random rebooting

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Hey everybody,

I have an NEC Gt300 AMD Athlon 500mhz with 64megs of ram

The computer tends to reboot when it feels like it .. usually at times under stress but at other times also.
Ive heard someone with this specific computer say he upgraded his Bios and it ran flawless...
If anyone has any solutions I would appreciate it so much!

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You can try updating the BIOS. You can also look at heat problems also. Does the computer seem to be running hot? It could also be memory, power supply, or something else. First thing I usually look at though are memory and heat issues.
What devices are attatched to your PC?
A device would include PCI, ISA, AGP Cards, Printers, Monitor, Hard Drives, CD Burners, Cameras etc.

Please include each of your devices in the list.

What type of Power Supply do you have? If there is no indication on the outside of your tower, you will need to open the case. Do not, I repeat, do not open the power supply. There is enough power in there to kill a person. I need to know how many Watts it carries. 230, 250, or 300 Watts.

tell me what size & name of cd rom you have,same of your cdrw, your hard drive,same as your memory.the reason why, i have the identical system.
This thread is almost 2½ years old....................... :confused:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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