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Random computer turn offs

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Hi i have a problem with my computer. It turns off randomly. Not shutdown, but power down. It depends on how many programs I am running to determine how long the computer will stay on. If I have alot of programs, I may get 5 minutes, but if I am just running something simple, I can get up to an hour. I initially thought I needed a new power supply and I bought one. But it still did it. So I just put the old power supply back in, and it does it too.

I am running a comp with:

AMD Athlon XP 2500+ Barton
Abit AN7
ATI AIW 9600 pro
1 Gig of Corsair XMS
200 gig WD SATA hd
1st power supply: Antec 400w
2nd power supply: Codegen 550w
Win XP Pro
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That would sound like a heat issue to me. Try taking off the side of your case and see if the problem presists.
that was the solution. i have a server case, so the sound really bounces around in it, so i had turned down my cpu fan....and i forgot about the temperature i turned the fan speed back up, and it works now. thanks alot!!
Shouldn't foget things like that! Going off and being like me isn't the greatest idea.... ;)

Glad you got it worked out, but id like to ask you something. How'd u adjust the speed?
I have a Thermaltake Volcano 11 on my cpu and it had a speed contol knob that you can eithr put in the cd drive bays, or in the back expansion slots.

granted, it sounds like a jet engine taking off now....but it works like a charm now. Maybe i should get liquid cooling........
I would keep my air cooloing system only with a upgrade of my heatsink and fan. Water cooling will be very costly right now and if you wait till you get your new system (eventually we all will need to ) then you can build that system with water cooling. Thats what i would do. Get a decent fan&heatsink.
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