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I hope this is the right section, couldn't find a better place to post this thread.

The problem: Frequently my computer locks up for a moment, but not completely, and my computer doesn't crash. It happens on average of at least once every 2 or 3 minutes, however it does seem that if I'm doing something less intensive (like reading simple text online) it happens somewhat less often, but it definitely still happens and is still relatively frequent.

If sound is playing, it will continue to play normally. If a video is streaming one of two things will happen. In one case, the visual will lock up for 10-20 seconds, and then pick up playing later in the video, and in this case the sound will continue normally. OR both the sound and video will lock up at the same time and pick up where it left off after the freeze is over.

XP and other applications will be slow also. I never lose control of the mouse cursor, but things will become unresponsive. If I'm writing in Microsoft Word, I can keep typing through a lockup but the words will not appear until it's over with. Similarly, I can click on things in Firefox for example, but the commands will not be processed until the lockup is over.

What I've tried: This problem started on April 16th. The night before, my computer did a Windows XP update after turning it off. When I woke up and turned the computer back on, this problem began. The first thing I did was system restore to April 10th. This did not help.

I also moved some very large files from my C drive to my F drive but I don't remember exactly when. I tried doing a disk check on the C drive (it took much longer than normal) and also tried defragmenting the drive (which never finished after 5 hours, it only got to 43%). These things have not helped.

I've also tried running Spybot S&D and it removed many things, but it did not fix this problem.

I've had this computer for more than a year and I've never had this problem before. 2 gigs of RAM and a dual core processor.

That's all I can think of right now. Help?
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