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Ram Update

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Ive got a 128 ram stick form my old computer and i want to fire it into my new 1 for more ram. its already got a 256 stick. I need to know if it is goin to work or if im gonna mash ma computer. The 128 stick has 3 stickers on it.
3.128MB 100MHZ SDRAM

My computer has a fujitsu siemens motherboard model D1740. It runs at 2.80GHz.
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With a 2.8Ghz processor you are probably running 184 Pin DDR memory.
PC100 memory wont be compatible with that.
PC 100 is 168 pin and wont even fit in the slot.
If it did fit, could i ruin my computer?
it wouldnt fit at all. you will definitely ruin your memory slot on the motherboard if you keep on pushing the memory down.
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