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Hey fellas,

just wondering about a few things:

What is: (Regarding ram)


Also wondering if i should buy more ram - if its worth it and if it will improve performance?

i have at the moment 2Gb of Kingston DDR2 667Mhz running Dual Frequency -(same coulour slot on Mother Board). thinking of buying 2x 2Gb of Corsair 667 twix? AM I CRAZY -Or is it a plan?

Comp specs: Core: Intel Core 2 Quad (Q6600)
Graphics: ASUS EN 8800 GTS
Power: 550W cooler master Extreme
Ram: as said earlier 2x 1024 sticks of KIngston 667Mhz total 2 Gig (Roughly)

Thanks, Duncan

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TWINX matched module pairs are kits of two XMS low latency modules which have been specially tested together in a dual channel test environment.

Twi: I've not hear of this in relation to RAM.

Sig (Sauer): They make firearms. Again I've not come across it in relation to RAM.

I would have thought 2GB was ample for XP. If you put 4GB in only 3GB will be used. I doubt if you would see any improvement. My advice would be to save your money.
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