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What kind of programs are there out there that would tell me which programs are taking up memory? Norton System works tells me how much I have left. But I want to know which programs is using it. It seems that I am always short of memory.

Samsung 6.4 UDMA drive
192 Megs of RAM
Norton System Works
Acer CD Creator (installed, not currently loaded)

These are in the ram box:
Explorer (OK)
Sysdoc32 (OK, from Norton)
Monwow (OK, from Norton)
Csinsm (OK, from Norton)
Navapw32 (OK, from Norton)
Systray (OK)
Csinject (OK, from Norton)
Nprotect (OK, from Norton)
Winamp (OK)
Cmmpu (OK, always been there)
One curious info: If I close it through Alt + Ctrl + Del, it would still pop up later (I think Windows activates it automatically).

If more info needed on this, let me know.

Now more: Every single time I use my computer, I run out of memory. ??? Even after I shut programs down (in the ram box, too) they seem not to free up RAM. I have heard something about this before but I cannot remember where. Thanks for your help.

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Welcome to the forum,

A good program for both monitoring memory and automatically reclaiming it from Windows is Memory Boost Pro, I have used it for awhile now and it works really good.

You can download it from by following this link:

It's free to try I think for 30 days then you have to register it.. not a bad price and its worth it.
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