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hi again

i have a new problem

my own computer -
asus m2n-sli deluxe
2gb - 4x512 corsair ev ram
4200 amd x2
2 x 7600gt
atrix 650w psu

the computer seems to be ruining ram

i had 1gb originally 2 x 512 and recently purchased another 2 of the same

after a week of running 2gb and adding the second graphics card the computer started misbehaving ie saying system files were missing and reseting.

i went to re-install windows and it was doing the 'file could not be copied' thing

after many attempts i removed all but 1 x 512 stick of memory - it was fine and windows installed.

tried all 4 sticks back in and computer didnt get past the xp pro 1st screen before reseting - finally narrowed it down to what i thought was 1 faulty stick of ram.

have been running 1gb again (2x512) for a while now in slot a1 and b1 (the original configuration that made a stable system for over a year before i added the extra gig)and last night the computer started to misbehave again so took a stick out of the slot that i assumed had screwed the other stick of mem only to find it not to post.

TBH thats as far as i got and i assume if i try a just 512 in another slot it will be ok again

*** could be causing this - it is driving me mad

thanks again for all your help last time and i look forward to a few suggestions.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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