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I have tried the Crucial scan and this is what the scan returned:

System Manufacturer: FUJITSU SIEMENS
System Model: GA-8I915PM-FS
Motherboard Manufacturer: GIGA-BYTE Technology
Motherboard Model: GA-8I915PM-FS

Maximum Memory Capacity: 2048 MB
Currently Installed Memory: 512 MB
Available Memory Slots: 1
Number of Banks: 2
Dual Channel Support: N.A.
CPU Manufacturer: GenuineIntel
CPU Family: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz Model 4, Stepping 3
CPU Speed: 2992 MHz

The only problem is that I actually have 1GB RAM installed on my computer (2 x 512MB RAM). Why does the test only show 512 installed? I also have 4 slots for RAM.

My computer is Fujitsu-Siemens Scaleo P and I want to upgrade my memory, to 2GB. At first, I was thinking of just buying 1GB stick but a friend reminded me that I may need to buy 2 x512 ones instead as the 1GB stick may not be compatible. How do I find out if it is or not?
I can't find any other information about that motherboard, not on the Samsung or Corsair website, refered to in this thread.

If someone can let me know what step I need to do next, I would be grateful.

I looked inside the computer and on both RAM sticks it says DDR 400 CL3.
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instead of inputting your system name and model input your motherboard make and model

then you will get results

I suggest you cut your risks involved with incompatabilites and get 2 x one gig sticks / then sell off your current pair on ebay
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