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RAM Emergency!

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Hello Everyone!

I need to get some RAM for this Board like NOW!

I have an PTGD1-LA Board, HP says it's a Grouper-GL8E

24/7 Online support for HP's Home and Home Office Products - HP Customer Care (United States - English) [...] uct=448709

The RAM in there now is 2 512mb PC3200, 184 pin DDR SDRAM

Speed supported PC3200 MB/sec

I'm thinking about getting 2 1GB sticks 404 Error - Page Not Found [...] CatId=1600

everything appears to be the same except that it says their 400 MHz and I don't know the latency of the ones in there now.

I have to get these overnighted because I HAVE to upgrade for work on Friday. I just don't want to screw up and get the wrong kind, which knowing the click happy guy I am, I probably will!

So ARE these the right sticks to get for the price?

Thanks guys and gals!! Tom's Hardware is awesome!! :)

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Any advice at all?
here's a picture of the RAM that's in there now if that helps

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if you can't read it, God know I can't (because I need bats to tell me what stuff says)

it says 512MB. DDR. 400. CL3
Best plan:

Go to the website of your preferred RAM manufacturer (I prefer Crucial and Corsair) and run their memory configurator. This will give you exact model numbers of compatible memory.

PS: Your links in post #1 do not work
Yeah I've done that it just tells me it's more expensive than I had anticipated. And that weird about my links, the first one works for me and the second one is,

Centon 1024MB PC3200 DDR 400MHz Memory at

sorry about that and thanks again
Awesome gcavan, thank you!!

Button clicked!!
Crucial is usually the best choice for OEM PC's for insured compatibility.
Crucial is usually the best choice for OEM PC's for insured compatibility.
No disagreement their Tyree, I was just hoping to find some cheaper, and hopefully the old rule does not apply, "you get what you pay for" but... since I have to pay to have it overnighted as well I was just trying to find the cheapest way to go!

and thanks for the reply!! :)
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