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RAM being a JERK!!!!

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ok i just spent 5 min typing all this out and it didnt even post the dang message...short and sweet version....i had 256mb of xms corsair ram in my computer.....i bought more..same exact stuff cept its a 512 computer boots up fine but runs about 5 times slower....i tried switching them and its still 486ish. i then took out the 256 and the computer ran fine off the 512. the computer working light seems to be dimmer since i put in the 512 and when i have both in it hardly even works (the light that is). whats the processor is lazY? should i spit on my mobo...change the bios..what do ya say??? thanks
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Welcome to TSF joshuastmarie................:D

Are you using Win ME by any chance?

How about a little info on your system..............:winkgrin:
thanks runin xp p4 2.4 fic ice cube.....(one of those little tiny cases) corsair xms 2700 333 ram (the 512 stick right sitting here staring at the 256) i think its a 250w and a 5200 g4orce
oh yea...i downloaded that aida32 prgrm and it said my memory is running at 166mhz when it should be 333. i went to the bios and changed something to 333 but when i came back and ran the aida32 program again, it still said i was running it at 133. also when i boot up the computer it says somethin 333mhz.
The RAM is DDR, which means that it gets two accesses on a single clock cycle. When it's running at 166mhz, it's effective data rate is twice that. 166mhz is the proper speed for PC2700 memory.

On your problem, I can't imagine how the memory size is affecting the power LED, since that's just a simple indicator wired directly to +5V. If it's really getting dimmer, I'd think you have a serious power supply issue!
well the computer says it can hold up to 2gb of memory so why is 772 such a problem?
I have no idea, but you missed my point. If the power LED is flickering, it's NOT a RAM issue. :rolleyes:
i didnt miss your point i just think that if the power supply was a problem then all the lights on the computer would be dimmer, and that doesnt seem to be happening. the only reason i mentioned the LED wasnt as bright as it normal is because i thought maybe the processor wasnt working as hard....

it seems someone is confused....

the little working light you refer to,
that is simply a hard disk activity light.

there is not a light that shows you how hard your processor is working.

and if its getting dimmer, then it might not be blinking as long each time it blinks.

try a defrag and see if it is full brightness then..

but yes, if the power supply was failing, it would probably die long before your lights got dim.

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thank you for everyones help... but lets not get off the subject, why is my computer slowing down when i add the same exact memory to the existing stick of RAM??? everyone that reads this just forget i said anything about the LED OK!!! :D

i dont see the problem here,

you said that it worked fine on the single stick of 512.

i suggest buying your ram all at the same time from now on, and that way you will be sure they match.

and as for the hard disk activity light, its as good as forgotten.
but next time dont tell us stuff that doesnt matter if it doesnt matter. if it isnt on the subject, then dont mention it. if it is on the subject, dont get mad when you find out how much you dont know.

we only know what you tell us, so if you babble like a fool about a light you dont understand, then we arent sure where to direct our attention.

but about the memory.

i would suggest you go to and search for aida32

it has a memory benchmarking tool that can tell you if your memory is in fact slower when you add it all.

test it with the smaller stick, and make sure to run the test 4 or 5 times to get a good average.
then, test it with the larger stick, and make sure to do it 4 or 5 times.

then tell us what it told you.

till then i have no idea what to say.
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