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I just got my Asus MB yesterday. I setup my raid with 2 SATA 120G Maxtors and 2 120G ATA Maxtors. I did the auto setup in the raid utility for Raid 0+1. Does it automatically make the SATA drives the Striped drives and the ATA ones the mirror ones? When I display the raid info it lists my drives as:

1 SATA 1 (it says the drive model but im pretty sure they are they satas
2 SATA 2
3 ATA 1
3 ATA 2

and i did all this before installin the os.. I went on and installed Windows XP.. Now does the RAID begin mirroring as soon as I start writing to the striped drives? Or is that something I have to go back into the utility and activate? Any help would be greatly Appreciated..


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