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Radeon HD 6870 Video Card questions please help

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I was wondering if my computer will work with this: XFX HD687AZNFC Radeon HD 6870 Video Card - 1024MB?
What computer specs should i tell you.

How long is the card so that I know if it can even fit into my computer?

Is it a good card? Im planning to play some graphic intensive games like Starcraft 2 at least on the high graphics, with physics enabled.

Also, i dont really understand how I'm supposed attach the power cables to it.

Please help.
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Card Dimensions
10.3" x 4.4" x 1.5"

You use two of the PCI-e plugs from your PSU to connect to the power inputs on the card.
Brand & Model of your case and your PSU?
Basically, an aftermarket Mid-Tower or larger case with a good quality 650W PSU would be fine.
I cant really say the brand/model of my case since it wasnt baught at a store. (my computer was assembled by a friend of my dad).
My PSU on the other hand has a wattage of 420W :(. Is it still possible to use the video card or will i have to change my PSU to use it.
And if not, what would be a good low budget PSU that would be good for me?
I have the same type just the modular design, the HX750w, and that PSU rocks. By far the very best PSU I've had. It even survived lightning damage. If you can afford it you might want to invest in the modular design, when I was busy researching PSU's I found that the non-modular design has a LOT of long cables. It's your choice though. The PCI-E cables for the card are simply extra cables that plug into the back of the card. I think your card needs 2 of them. Just find the right orientation of the cable to the plug and it will clip in easily.
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