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Radeon 98Pro...flickering

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Every now and then this 98 Pro (se?) starts flickering and screen turns a light laverder. It does't last long and has no timing to it. It can happen at startup,after long hours of use or disappear for weeks.
My system:
ASUS P4C800 deluxe
matched pair Corsair 512mb Pc 3200
Antec 550w
Prescotts run hot so I've made sure case temp is below normal.
I have some ideas but don't want to impregnate the solution.
Never had video problems before,so comments welcome.
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Have you considered using the ATI Omega drivers? In many instances, they are much more stable than the standard ATI drivers.

Here is a link if you want to give them a try:
I just left omegadrivers but didn't upgrade at this point. May do it later.
There is a company that just moved in on the same power lines that supply my home. Royal Purple is the company,ya know,synthetic oil for race cars..etc. They have blending tanks and pumps to move their product around.
I'm wondering if this is voltage drop. The way it clicks and flickers is almost like watching a feed back signal when something starts up or shuts down. Maybe if I install a system monitor I can get a reading on voltage.
Still looking for answers befor I get my hammer.

You have on that motherboard the Probe program which will give you accurate voltage and temp numbers. It would be on your motherboard disk and I always use that (my spare computer has that motherboard on it) program for monitoring.

Yes, it could be a power issue. Just for your info, I also have that video card in mine and used the Omega for stability. All computers are different, but it worked for me.

Let us know what you find out with it.
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