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Radeon 3500 TV Output problems -HELP!!!

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Hi All:

I am having the strangest problem with my video card's tv output. I connected my TV to my computer using the tv output on my card and RCA cables because I wanted to watch xvid movies on my TV screen.

The result is I can see my desktop perfectly and use any application...but when I fire up a player, (and I have tried several) to watch a movie with, I can see the player just fine, but the area where the movie should be playing is black on my TV, although it is playing just fine on my monitor at the same time.

I can hear sound just fine, but no picture, no matter what I do. I thought it might be a security feature, but I have tried playing quicktime movies, real audio. Nothing in streaming video format works, but I can use my TV like a monitor for everything else.

Does anyone know what is going on or have had this problem too? I tried everything that I can think of and I am getting extremely frustrated. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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It's a driver issue, Direct-X displays aren't going through to the TV-Out. It may even be a design issue with the adapter, I haven't really determined which. I saw the same thing with a couple of TV-Out video boards when I was picking my card for a project that called for TV-Out. I'd contact tech support for the manufacturer and see what they say.
Sometimes video players use it as a protection method to keep people from pirating videos. Most players have this feature. The best way to take care of it is to try the simple Divx Player Alpha . Another thing it may be, is with your card its self. I think there may be a crack for it somewhere on the net. Ill try and find you a link.

here is one that may help.

ill find more.
This reply is a couple month too late, so I hope you've figured it out by now, but for some reason the ATI cards won't display full motion video on both displays at the same time.

All you need to do is switch displays so only the TV is getting a video feed, and then play the movies.

I've been doing that, but my problem is that my 9700 likes to send an 800x600 signal to my TV that runs at 640x480, so the image is bigger than the screen and I need to scroll and center it, which ends up cutting the edges off of movies.
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