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quick question about McAfee

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I recently installed norton antivirus on my computer (running windows xp media centre edition 2006) and just read that post about how crap norton is. now, the place that sold me my machine gave me a disk for McAfee VirusScan 2006 10.0 and i didnt install it because i was an idiot and figued norton would be better :sayno: wondering...

1. is it a good virus protection prgram/ brand?
2. should i leave norton installed on y computer and then install mcafee over it?
3. is that safe? or may i runinto problems (i want to have no problems with this at all, and want my computer to be in tip top shape :()

... just a thought. i think i mayyy be able to use system restore to a date before i installed norton...would that work or is there something that i dont know about that would mess it up? (i probabyl sound paranoid/ dumb with all this)

thanks in advance,
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This is obviously just my personal opinion, but McAfee is just as worse. These companies are actually helping viruses to spread uninhibitedly. They want people (especially the *vast* majority who buy pre-installed computers from Dell or Compaq/HP) to pay a subscription fee after a certain amount of days. If you don't pay, then you don't get to update your virus definitions. I can't tell you how many computers I've been asked to fix where they were overun with viruses because Norton or McAfee's free trial expired. I've also run into problems a number of times when it came time to uninstall McAfee. I just refuse to use either product.

If you want my recommendation, download AVG Antivirus. I've been using it for about 2 or 3 years now. It's free, constantly updated, and it works.
hi BigNothing,

dump Mcafee and download AVG from

AVG works better than both norton or mcafee and it doenst take alot of system resources. it detects more viruses too.
I would advise you to uninstall Norton; help for that is here

AVG or Avast will work fine. Send them a donation.
thanks for all the help,
one more thing:
before i go uninstalling norton...will it be safe to? i think i read somewhere that it attaches itsself or shares the same files as some important programs. so, am i at risk for uninstalling it?

oh, i also read that removing norton link, and i guess i will be fine, but im paranoid (as im sure anyone, especially, with a new machine would be) about keeping it healthy.

thanks again
oh and also i have adaware and spybot.... is that enough for a good protection? (puls internet scans and i was thinking of gettign pop up blocker again)

sorry for all the questions... just wanna be safe
The instructions in JG's link seem to cover everything. Make sure your software is in the 'Will SymNRT work for you?' list, and if you have any more problems after uninstalling, post back.

You can never have enough security software :wink: In addition to AdAware and Spybot, you could also try a-squared, XoftSpy and Spyware Guard. All free and regularly updated.
thanks for your reply. its also good you reminded me to check that list, cause i noticed my version is not on there (Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition 7.6)... so i did some searching and i think i found a way to remove it here . now.... it says the best way is to just add/ remove programs it... but then after i do that is that when i do the method they outline, or is that just a way to take it off without add/remove-ing it? thanks again.
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