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Quick Bios question concerning RAID =)

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Ahoy! I have a problem 'accessing' two hard drives which had been configured to RAID0 (if I remember right) on the previous mainboard. Thing is, I dont know how to access the RAID function on (pre)boot. The only thing I've found in the BIOS about it tells me the RAID mode is IDE.
So, the motherboard is a MSI G31TM -P21, bought very recently, using following BIOS, AMI V4.7 07/28/2010. Im running win7 on it ^^
Let me know if you need more info =)
Thanks alot for the help and concern, in advance
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I wonder if you have your BIOS set for quiet/quick POST. There is usually a setting in BIOS which enables/disables the POST screens and yours might be set so that the RAID screen is not showing.

Go into BIOS and shut off 'Fast Boot' or what ever your MSI is calling it.
In the Bios setting where you saw IDE mode change it to raid mode, but be aware a raid array set up on one type of controller may not be accessible on another controller.
I disabled the 'quick boot' setting in BIOS as indicated per the first reply, and concerning the second one, the one thing in the BIOS mentioning RAID, 'says' that the RAID Mode is IDE, butI cannot change the mode to another, it only offers 'IDE' as possibility.
(I have to laugh at the irony because for years I stayed away from anything RAID related and just kept docking HDD's in and use them without any special setting. Then I get a friend to set up RAID on two high speeds drives, and it backfires :p)

Thanks for the help! =)
Best regards,
Thanks a lot for the help =) Now I know I can stop banging my head on the wall :p Just one last question, in order to 'unlock' the raid setting, cancel it, and get my two separate HDD's "back", it would have to be done on another PC where the mobo supports RAID? Seems pretty straight forward but just making sure ^^
Thanks again! :)
There is not a setting on the drives themselves, just format and install them, if you need to get data off of them first then you'll need a motherboard with the same raid controller as the one they were hooked up to.
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