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questions and help needed kv7

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where to start. this is my first build and nothing works. everything is new and on the bench. i have no case speaker so i used an old one i around so i get like a chip sound. ive never got video or keyboard but fans and hard drive spin. so guess my questions are 1) should keyboard work even though its not up and running? 2) i get almost like a power up chirp right at power on so is that just a power up thing or is that a "beep code"? 3) i get no chirp except the power up with cpu hs/fan but add ram and or video get power up chirp and quick one little later then no more. so is that bad ram or is it that cpu and ram are out of sinc?

abit kv7
amd athlon xp3000 333 fsb
ultra 512 pc3200
ati radeon 9250
maxtor 160gb and seagate 10gb
ultra 3400+ hs/fan
powermax case 450W ps
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Unplug everything from the motherboard except the power supply cables. Try booting your system with just the CPU, Ram,Video Card and Keyboard connected.

Check your motherboard manual and double check any jumpers the board may have. Check the manual for the beep codes, that chirping is probably the Bios crying out for help.

If it does not post then remove the motherboard from the case and place it on something that wont short it out and try booting the machine again. While it is out of the case you should inspect everything carefully.
One of my machines has a KV7 and I just turned it on and listened carefully. I got:
1) an initial chirp
2) three seconds delay
3) another chirp
4) ten seconds delay
5) monitor comes out of standby mode and displays a video BIOS string
6) a loud beep
7) the BIOS screen shows up
The chirps are not error codes. They are normal. A KV7 just has a weird series of power up sounds.

I'd add one thing to Barry_R's list which is to clear the CMOS again just to make sure everything is reset. Also, do you have any other video cards (especially PCI cards) or RAM which you can swap in?
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