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This is a question about an annoying but curiosity invoking garbage new situation. I am almost embarrassed about asking but I am one of those innately curious people that likes understanding things, so please forgive me for still asking.

Recently I have started receiving spam emails that don't get automatically caught by the usual spam filters and when I try to block them the address has been created in such a way that it doesn't register as a normal address and therefore cannot be blocked. I am believing this might just be the tip of the "iceberg right ahead" that is going to continue growing. I would like to get out ahead of this nefarious trend and learn how to block those types of emails and understand how they are being able to be sent out in the first place.

Here's just a sample of what I have received recently:

The email address when I hit the "reply" shows up as: <[email protected]>

Now mind you I know CCP Dementia Joe is evil but I know he's not sitting behind a computer and sending out spam.

Here is a screenshot of the address as it appears in the actual email itself:

Font Rectangle Parallel Slope Writing

Here is a screenshot of what the "contact info" looks like (I use the full Outlook Program for all my various email addresses):

Font Rectangle Screenshot Circle Number

When I try to send it to junk the program doesn't recognize the address as a valid address because there is no ".com" or ".net" or any other normal suffix for a domain.

Yes, I know I can just delete them, and yes, I have been but I still would like to understand these scumbags because I truly believe this will become more of a common type of thing with spammers.

Thank you for allowing me to waste your time......I truly would appreciate an answer...


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The method varies with your Email provider. Some will allow it to go to your spam file. Some will allow you to ban it. I don't know of any that allow a wildcard, but it sure would be helpful i.e. *
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