It is a Sunday afternoon. The weather outside is cool with partly cloudy skies and I thought “Let’s make the best of the situation” by listening to the Slowhand himself. With the windows cracked open for some fresh air and a quiet atmosphere it felt like just the right time to review one of my new favorite products.

I doubt I am the only one spending my Sunday afternoon with my headphones on rocking out to some tunes. There are those on flights, traveling in the back seat of a car, talking and walk by the river, or perhaps about to win the game of the century.

From my many other headphone reviews, many of you may know that I am a big fan of my daily headphones, the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pros. I take the Custom One Pros everywhere, however, a new travel headphone competitor has just entered the spotlight and has caught my interest. Just about a month ago I was contacted by an Amazon retailer who asked me about one of their highest rated products.

The product in question was a pair of headphones that was being sold to the masses at a lower price than I normally review headphone products at. Bluetooth enabled, passive noise isolation, and a smaller form factor, seemed well nurtured, but I questioned their sound quality. With a nearly five star review, it persuaded me to say I would review them.

With a glimpse into the impending review, it’s a good thing that I said yes to the retailer. Having comfortable cushions, high volume, smaller size, and wireless capability, these headphone have quickly become a new personal favorite for traveling.

Welcome to my review of the iDeaUSA Bluetooth Headphones. Throughout this review, I will be covering the product’s design, functionality, and my final thoughts on the headphones. A special thank you to iDeaUSA for providing me with this unit.


The iDeaUSA headphones come in a black and gun metal color scheme that offers a muted and suppressed style by not drawing too much attention.

Construction of the headphones is a combination of metal and plastic. The metal found on the headphones is located near the ear cup housings. This provides improved strength and durability against drops. For this reason, the headphones still remain scratch-free. As for the plastic, it is found in the black headband. The plastic helps compensate for slight bending around your head.

Cushioning of the headphones is above par, with the ear cups, surprisingly, having little cushion. That sounds strange, I know, but the ear cups have about half an inch of foam and it isn’t even memory foam. Yet this still provides a very comfortable fit and the foam is covered in a soft touch material that doesn’t cause any rubbing irritations while on your head. As for the headband, the cushion is even less, but thanks to the light weightiness of the headphones, the headband only rests on the top of your head rather than adding pressure like some headphones can do.

Both ear cups are connected to the headband using a bendable arm that allows them to fold into themselves making it easier to travel with. Furthermore, the arm also tolerates slight left and right movement so that the ear cups are placed perfectly on to your ears.

While placed on your head, the headphones do offer a generous amount of height adjustment, allowing me to fit my entire thumb under the headband while extended to the maximum height. Do take note here that the headphones need to be put back to the shortest height to prevent damage while folding and traveling. They will still fold while extended.

I/O on the headphones reveals a power button, a 3.5mm jack, independent volume controls, a microphone, and a microUSB port for charging the internal battery when using the Bluetooth capability. Cables for charging and wired connections are included.


Just a few weeks ago I adventured out to a friend’s LAN party where we all got our PCs together to meet at his/her house and play some games. I saw this as a perfect opportunity to test out the iDeaUSA headphones.

With over six hours of gameplay and music, the headphones performed flawlessly. I had the headphones on for a maximum of a two hour session, but never once did I feel like they were uncomfortable and sometimes forgot they were there, sort of like glasses.

Moreover, the noise cancelation was incredible. There were people all around me with a total of 12 of us in the room playing games and talking. There were at some points in the game that I couldn’t even hear the person next to me and I had to slide one ear cup off so I could hear them. Impressive for small travel-inspired headphones.

These are on-ear headphones, which means the ear cups rest on your ears rather than covering them. The ear cups are not circles, but rather an obtuse triangle shape. This allowed the ear cups to sit on my ears, but create a sealed gap between my ears and the foam, preventing any sound from leaking out. Somebody sitting about 20 feet away from me couldn’t hear the music that I thought was loud.

In terms of sound quality, the sound can seem quiet and that isn’t just fixed by turning up the volume. It felt like it was suppressed while playing my games, but music had a little more life to it.

The sound range was adequate with mids and highs being acceptable, but lows hard to hear or absent at times. On the Amazon product page, these headphones advertise for big bass (Mega Bass), but I found it to be about average. It was more than my ear buds, but less than many other headphones I have reviewed. Explosions were audible while gaming, but the gun shots and voices were better sounding.

These headphones include a Bluetooth option which works well if the sightlines to your phone are clear. However, if you are working out and leave your phone in the locker then there is a good chance that the headphones will cut out. It’s really meant for walking and talking on the phone with your phone in your pocket.

Battery life with the headphones is more than enough, lasting days if not weeks with various usage. It is what you would expect and you only need to charge it every once in a while. Recharging takes about five to six hours.

My Final Thoughts

Priced at $69.99, these headphones should easily be $99.99 headphones. They sound excellent in every environment, look stylish without standing out, and they can be worn for hours without discomfort. My first thought going into this review was that I was receiving some low end and inexpensive headphones, but I end this review saying that I was dead wrong and that I now have a perfect headset for travel.

For those who spend nights on a plane ride or tend to be on the road more often, then I recommend picking up the iDeaUSA headphones. The same recommendation goes to those who will be using these in a living room or bedroom. Whereas, those who are going to be spending their days at home or in an office, something a little bigger and higher quality sound may be best for you.

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