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Quake 4 Crashes Constantly In Game

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I just bought Quake, installed it and downloaded the latest patch (version 1.3 I believe) and I keep getting in game crashes.

I watched the opening movie sequence and just as the guy steps through the door on the spaceship thing (the bit where he is coming towards the screen) it crashed and I had to restart my PC.

I then loaded the game up again and decided to skip the movie sequence and got into the game. Everything was running fine, brilliant graphics, no lag etc but then after walking around for a while it just froze once more and I had to restart my computer again.

My PC stats are:

OS - Windows XP Pro (SP2 Installed)
CPU - Intel Pentium D 2.8Ghz
Graphics Card - 256mb Nvidia Geforce 7600gt (xxx version) with latest drivers installed
RAM - 1gb PC3200 DDR

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Have a run through the 'Common Game Issues' thread (Link in my signature), if you haven't already.
If nothing there helps at all, try using version 84.21 of the Nvidia Drivers. You will find a link with information and a download link in my signature. So far the 84.21 drivers have proven to be most stable, the thread will tell you more.

If all else fails, please download Everest (Also in my signature), then go to:
Computer -> Sensor. Take a screenshot or simply post back with the temperatures and voltages Everest report.
I've run through all those steps provided but still the same problem. Here is the screenshot you asked for.



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Nothing looking to disconcerting there, temps are all well within normal ranges, the only thing i noticed is the +12V rail (mainly used by graphics cards) is running a bit weak at only 11.37V.
Would you be able to give me a bit more information about your Power Supply, there should be a sticker on the side with voltages and amps, also the max output wattage. If that's not possible a model number should be fine.
Hmm. No concerns there, Antec are a good brand and 500 Watts should be fine for your system.

When it Quake crashes does it give an error message of any kind or does it just dump you back to the desktop, or does Windows go down as well?
If it does give an error message could you please give the details?
Nothing like that. What happens is it just freezes at that specific frame and stays like that. I tried 'CTRL+ALT+DEL' and 'ALT+TAB' etc but nothing works, I just have to restart the PC by pushing the power button.

If the +12V rail is running at 11.37, you have a faulty power supply. It should be between 95% and 105% of 12V - that is, 11.4V to 12.6V. If the power supply doesn't provide the video card with enough power, it will have problems.

If you can, swap in another power supply - make sure it's good quality (Antec, FSP, OCZ, Seasonic, Silverstone), and 500W or more - preferably 550W+. See if that changes anything.

If your power supply is still under warranty, send it back and get a replacement.
Could it be the fact that I'm using a different power cable to the one that came with the Power Supply? The original power cable was left at a PC repair shop and I never thought of asking for it back as I had a spare power cable which was used for my old PSU (350w).

What I mean by 'power cable' is the cable that comes from the PSU to the Wall socket as shown below:

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No, that wouldn't do anything. A power cable is just a power cable - they're all the same.
Is it ok to keep my current PSU installed or is it absolutely necessary that I get a replacement as I've only just got my PC up and running after having to wait for ages for it.

I can send it back but I'm not certain on whether they will replace it or not and even if I do send it back I'll be without a PC for at least a week as they test the products to check whether they're faulty.

I wouldn't run the PC with a faulty PSU. You're just asking for trouble (fried components, etc). If you only just bought the PSU recently, it's still under warranty, which means they're obligated to replace it.
Happy to help.
As Indoril said, keep us posted.
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