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Qs about America's Army: Special Forces

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Hi all

My nephew is staying over at mine for a a week and wanted to buy a game. Now I know toot about games and neither play them .. but he does!

So he's after buying this: America's Army: Special Forces

Can anyone advise me as to if its worth buying and if theres anything better out there being of similar genre .. ? :4-dontkno

Thanks for the help :grin:
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Americas Army is actually free and can be downloaded online from their website( i believe). The Special Forces is an addon.

I would suggest looking at games like Rainbow Six also Counter-Strike. Delta Force is also good but a little outdated. Another great one is Ghost Recon.
Thanks Fr4665

He has Delta Force and doesn't like it at all. I'll point him to look for the games you've suggested and we'll see what he's saying :rolleyes:

He can be very picky @ times :sigh:
Battlefield 2 or Battlefield 2142 are both very good online games, althought you will need a decent system to play them.
8GB PC26400 and Radeon X1800 XT combined with a Kentsfield do??
More than enough. You should be able to play the games at full settings.
8GB RAM? My god,
I was kidding. :grin:

Yes its my professional work system that he's took over for a week :sad:
He gets to have all the fun with 4 monitors while I revert to using an AMD 1.3Ghz.

Again.. women! :mad:

Thanks guys. He's chosen Battlefield 2, Rainbow 6 Vegas, Rainbow 6: Raven, Rainbow 6: Lockdown, Operation Flashpoint, and err, I think Counter Strike. :rolleyes:

I might have got those names mixed up or the wrong way round from memory. That should keep him occupied for a week!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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