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I noticed a few threads back that you mentioned something about changing the electronic board of a crashed drive with one of the same type.
I have a fujitsu MPG3204AT with some critical data that has crashed(BIOS & recovery prog cant detect), The closest drive that I have to do this swap is a fujitsu MPG3204AH.

I cannot find any info regarding the two drives and how much difference there is between them. Do you have any help on this for me.
Also are there any known factors that one must be careful with when doing this swap as drives almost always need a clean working environment(dust particles etc)

Appreciate any help...thanx
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I honestly can't say what the difference between the two boards are, though it looks like it's just a revision level of the board, I'll bet they're probably compatible. The base model is Fujitsu MPG3204, the letters are just engineering revisions of the electronics.

As far as getting dirt inside the disk, you aren't opening the HDA, just swapping the PCB, no risk of that. You just need to be careful removing the PCB and see what's plugged into it before you yank some wires loose.:no: If you're lucky like I was, the PCB will have contacts and no plugs, just a few screws and it falls off in your hand! :D
I saw this and figured I'd add to it. All the hard drives I've removed boards from were set up in the same way (just contacts), although you MAY run into a rogue one with some very tiny wiers strung between the board and the mechanism itself
Thanx for your response
I will be attempting this pcb swap soon so that I can retrieve the critical datat on this fried drive
Hold thumbs for me
We wish you well, let us know how you make out. :)
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