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Pulley Alignment

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Post refers to a 1994 Jeep Wrangler 4.0L HO MPI engine w/o AC

I completely rebuilt the engine top to bottom and dropped it in my 85 CJ-7 as a conversion to replace my tired 4.2L engine with the carter carb. Obviously, all the pulleys and accessories came off for the rebuild. Re-installed the alt, power steering, harmonic balancer, water pump pulley and idler pulley.

For some reason, the serpentine belt walks off the pulleys "toward" the engine block. I thought it was the harmonic balancer, so I replaced that. No luck. My thinking is the power steering pulley since that's where all the adjustments come from. Plus, it looks a little off to the eye.

What's the best and most effective way for a backyard mechanic to make sure all the pulleys are aligned properly?

Any help would surely be appreciated!
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You may be missing a spacer somewhere??

Look everything over carefully and see if you just have one item out of alignment, if so, focus on something either missing or installed wrong. Also chelk the belt routing and tensioner.

There may have been some differences in the 2 engines?? I assume you used all the pulleys, brackets and parts off the new engine?

Check this link, it may have some useful info:

Jeep Belt Info

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