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PSU Question

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Alright, I just want some opinions on some Good PSU's that will meet my requirements since I"m not all that great when it comes to this type of thing.

Here are my comp specs:
Intel core 2 duo E6300 @1.86
1 gb ddr2 ram 533 samsung
320 gb wdc hdd in SATA
Pioneer 111-d Dvd burner
nVidia geforce 7600 gs
Gigabyte GA-945PL-S3 V1.0 motherboard
Samsung 19" widescreen monitor

Will soon upgrade to 2gb 667 or 800 mhz after buying a rev 2.0 version of the board I have now or better board.

A PSU calculator says I need 408w to run my system, so adding 30% = 530W.
What are some good, mid priced PSU's that will run my system without a problem.
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This is my choice for a PSU around 550W:

I know it's not the cheapest, but it is a great power supply. There is also a 600W version in case you want to keep an eye on the future.
P-Gal certainly sumbitted a winnner I will throw my vote in with that one too

there arent any high quality units for under $100.00 by the way
i run a similar system
just you have the core duo and i don't
i had to upgrade my 550w atec to a silverstone 650w zeus,as the antec was having problems keeping up the 12v line
This is my choice for a PSU around 550W:

I know it's not the cheapest, but it is a great power supply. There is also a 600W version in case you want to keep an eye on the future.
That is an excellent quality PSU, but if you don't want to spend nearly that much, this is also good.
3 x 18 amps = 54 amps total for the +12v.
I dont want to be a stick in the mud or elitist but I will elaborate with some more info here just to stir the information sharing process.

I understand what Dai says and agree with him 100%; most 550's would be pushed too hard by the system above for longevity of service life. But given the unit is a top of the line Seasonic I think this unit and probally only this unit manufacturer could get away with it.

The Antec Trio series is a very good; top of the heap of the lower but High class units. The trio series is made by Seasonic but I have been told that its not on an equal par with the actual "S" series of Seasonic.
This info comes from a person closely associated with Johnny Guru the well known PSU tester. The fella I know warns me not to state the trio unit is on par or a cheaper way to purchase an actual Seasonic unit! He stated its a great unit for $125.00 when compared to a real Seasonic 650 is $170.00 ish

so in summary:

its a toss up between the Seasonic 550 or the Antec Trio 650 for $99.00 after rebate or maybe even the OCZ modstream 600 watt for $125.00
dont overlook the Silverstones either!

but IMHO I would not stick my neck out with the 550 Antec Trio; I believe it would be out of its class in that system.
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From personal experience, I have the 600 watt Seasonic in one of my rigs. This is a great power supply.
you guys got some rocking choices there! :pray: Kudos :wave:

now there are some tuff choices to make

the antec 650 for $99.00 AR (after rebate)

the OCZ 600 watt $111.00 AR

FSP 700 $139.00 AR

OCZ 700 $125.00 AR <<<<<<<< my pick for the money

But in my kick a$$ rigs now; only Seasonic 600 and above I have not made a single "house call" since I stopped using the cheapies!
I should not have said that! I will put my tool bag in the truck now! :upset:
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Tiger Direct is still listing the OCZ 700 for $94.99 on their website. That is a steal IMHO. It also says they still have them in stock.
Thanks for the opinions guys, still looking around because my comp is still out of action so I got a little while to pick the ideal one for my system. I'm in Australia, so I wanna keep it under the $150 AUD mark inc. shipping costs.
well forget about buying a psu from the usa shipping and insurance will kill any benifit of lower prices
my silverstone zeus 650w cost $A257.76 and it took 6 weeks to locate one from sydney
i found the service from this place spot on ordered at 5pm and was delivered in perth the next day,unlike the growing tren here of not sending the goods out until they have the funds in their hands
OK, I've nailed it down to a few that IMHO I think are more than adequate, (taking into account I do have some minor upgrades to make). Just asking for some opinions and maybe some cons/pros on this PSU's.
The reason I picked these 3 as I realised that I won't get out this for anything less then about $200, and these seem to have the wattage, and enough to handle the upgrades I have planned plus anything else I may tend to do in the future.

This is not even a contest when it comes to quality. The Silverstone is heads and shoulders above either of the three and the first one is not even near the second one you have listed. From that list, I would buy nothing but the Silverstone if you want quality and reliability.
Definitely go for the Silverstone PSU in the last link.
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