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PSU or RAM problem

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Ok so before I get into defining how I came to my theory and the history of my pc let me post my specs

Elitegroup NFORCE6M-A V3.0
Amd Athloon X2 5200 2.7GHz Brisbane...:sigh:brisbane
2GB 2x1GB PC6400 DDR2 800MHz Ram(Corsair RAM FTW!)
PNY NVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT 512MB
300GB Western Digial HD
Samsung x22 DVD Burner/w Lightscribe
630 Watt Xion Power Supply

Now lately I have moved into a new house and this house seems to hate electricity. Every time me and my father turn on at least 2 ac's at the same time the Circuit Breaker flops. This has caused my pc to turn off neumerous times. Now one day I went to turn it on and it would start but before anything would show on my screen it would automatically shut down. First thing I tried was to see if my ram was good. I took one stick out and turned the pc on and it worked. Then I switched them and it still worked. I tried both at the same time and the samething it would come on then shut down. So with both stick in I wonderded what the hell I won't be able to see anything but lets try removing the graphics card see what happend. I took my graphics card out the PCIe slot and it booted(as far as it got I don't know cause there is no on board graphics for this MoBo) but it stayed on for 5 minutes before I turned it off and figured it was the graphics card) Just to make sure it was the graphics card I tried using one of my older graphics cards so old I can't even remember what the number is I think its 5200 maybe even older I see its 6200, but when I put it in the same thing started happening again it would turn on for 3-5 seconds and auto shut. I am seriously thinking that it is a PSU problem and the mobo is just not getting enough energy for it to support all 4 slots of ram, but I am typing on it right now and it seems just fine. I would appreciate some income here is the links to my hardwares that could be the cause of the problem





Anyone wanna back me up on the PSU suspicion?
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PSU Xion is iffy quality at best, since it boots without the video card, or minus 1 ram stick I would think the PSU is the issue, Corsair or Seasonic at least 550w will power what you have.
antec are no longer a recommended brand

that is one of the worst models they ever put out

go with the corsair
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