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PSU or MOBO problem??????

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Ok a quick hostory of this computer. I sent it to my mom for a gift, she gets it via UPS, plugs it in and it spins up for 5 seconds then shuts down. She sends it back to me, I plug it in and it starts right up. She decieds to buy another computer so I decied to send it to my brother after 2 weeks of updating windows and a few other things. So when my brother gets this thing he goes to boot it up and BAM..... nothing. The light on the mother board is lit but that is it!!!!:4-dontkno He does live in a Trailer so does my mom ( they live in the sticks), I am wondering if there is a wall power issue? Is there a way to check that?
Here are the comps specs:
Asus 87n something deluxe
1.4 gig athlon ( older chip I can't recall at the moment)
512 ddr 3200 ram
2 hard drives
2 cdrw/dvd burners

Sorry I can not be more specific, I put the thing together a long time ago using old parts I had laying around.
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For what it is worth...I also live in a trailer in the sticks and do not have that problem.
There was no offence intended about the trailer, they live in some older ones so I thought that might make a difference as far as the electrical wiring is concerned.
No offense taken, I love it in the sticks in my trailer, and would not trade it for the city again.

Possibly they plugged the connectors wrongly or they had a previously naft CPU.

They'd have to run checkups without which its impossible for anyone to know.
Assuming you live in the US, check the wall outlet with a volt meter, it should read anywhere from 108V to 120V any less there could be a problem there
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