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Hey guys, My first post on here

I’ve just got a new Thermaltake Kandalf LCS, Since installing it vie had bother with my psu fan, It cuts out randomly. It’s a Jeantech Modular 700w, Can’t remember what model number it is and never had any bother with it b4, Wouldn’t have thought a little water cooling pump would overload it, It has a digital power reading on the back and it shows that imp only using 200w. Using speedfan vie seen the psu at 68 degrees, Is this too high?

My system is:
Abit Fatal1ty mobo
intel quad q6600 at standard clock speeds
Asus Geforce 8800gts clocked to 620mhz core and 1050 mhz memory
4gb of Ocz ddr2 800mhz ram
1 x seagate barracude 160gb hd
1 x Hitachi 320gb hd
thermaltake kandalf LCS

Thanks for any help
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