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PSP Power Problem

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Hi there!

When i turned on my PSP? theres no power at all, i mean no image on screen... and then i try to charge my PSP, still wont open... and then i even remove the battery and used the power cable direct to outlet to open the PSP.. and then when i turned on PSP again... and a message pop-up... in a red fonts

" M33 Recovery Menu
Main Menu

Toggle USB
Configuration ->
Run program at /psp/game/recovery/rebot.pbp
etc.. "

but i dont know what is it all about ?? and then i try to opend my PSP again and there a image display already.. I tot it was working thou??? its not... coz it hungs... and i try to insert a cd but its still wont work...??

I dont know what is the problem of my PSP?? why is it hang or stop when i try to play a games??? if theres anyone here knew whats going on to my PSP thou???? Pls message me soon... i really need badly... thanks:1angel:
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