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PS3 HDMI port failure?

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Seems like there is an issue with my HDMI port on my 15 month old PS3 slim, or possibly an HD output failure.

Turned on a couple of days ago at 1080p through HDMI cable and getting lots of horizontal green interference lines across the TV display (XMB, menus, and games), as well as serious sound issues.

Changed cables and reset video settings, but that doesn't help.

However, running the console at 576p standard def through the HDMI cable everything is fine (other than its not at HD!)

Does anyone know if this sounds like a straightforward cheap fix with a bit of solder that I could get a local console repair firm to repair rather than stump up £145 to Sony? (the port is faulty)

Or is it a system killer? (the HD output is banjaxed) If so, I'll probably chase Gamestation for a replacement with my sale of Goods act 1979 rights.

Any advice would be really appreciated, cheers.

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Hold onto the power button for several seconds until you hear the beeps. I did this when I went from AV to HDMI, and it failed to go back to AV.

Good to see you are taking up your legal rights as a consumer. In New Zealand, I would take it up under the Consumers Guarantees Act, as not being durable and free of minor defects. 15 months isn't long for a PS3 to last and begin having a major fault like that.
Hi Jay

Many thanks for the speedy response.

Yes, I've tried resetting a few times and got the same visual interference, so i'm pretty sure its a genuine fault.

I don't relish the thought for the hassle involved in following this up with the store, but 15 months really isn't good enough.


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You should try options found by Recovery menu, and you can access there by following these instructions:
How to access the PlayStation 3... | PlayStation® Community Forums

First, Rebuild database, if it doesn't help, use Restore PS3 System, be aware; you should take back-up, or atleast back-up your game saves for example to USB-stick, because it will destroy every file, it will be the same system you got from the factory.
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