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PS3 Freezing

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I was playing Resistance 2 online today, and was waiting for a game. In the meantime I was in a chat room with four of my friends, as they do not have microphones, anyways this is beside the point. The game was starting so I decided to go to the chat room really quickly and say something before the game started. When I did this, the game went into its loading screen, loading the game we were about to play... Than my PS3 froze in the chat room, but did not load anything that had been said. I am just wondering why the PS3 froze. Also when I booted it up again, it said that the PS3 was not shut down correctly, and if I wanted to send this to Sony.

My PS3 is well ventilated, as I played it nine hours prior to this happening with no incidents, as well as I have kept it turned on for fourteen days straight with no incident, so I know it is not an overheating issue. I am just wondering if the PS3 is like a computer, and it was simply trying to load to much at once....

For all people that own a PS3, they know that when they are playing a game, and get a trophy, and like to go see their new trophy, when they press the PS button, and it loads the XMB, but it loads it VERY SLOWLY, this is kind of what happened to me. I was doing this for a few hours, and finally it just froze. But it was loading the game, and the XMB/Chat Room at the same time. So just wondering if it was just trying to load to much at once.

Final question. Will this, or can this cause a problem to my PS3. Will this cause more freezes in the future, or again, was it simply loading to much at once, and not really a big problem. I do not know how similar, the PS3 system is to a PC, so I am not 100% sure if it has the same effect/meaning as when a PC freezes. Thanks again, and I can not wait to hear your answers and opinions...
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Welcome to TSF.

To the best of my knowledge, a freeze can be anything from a random blip (happens once and then no more) to an indication of immanent hardware failure. I would suspect the first one from your post so I doubt there is much to worry about.

You are right in comparing a PS3 to a PC, as they are both run off the same sort of hardware (but not the same software) so are susceptible to certain PC problems aswell. Load time is one of them (just look at the PSP's load time...).

Hope this answers your questions and should you have more, feel free to ask

First off, thank you for taking the time to reply to my post, and help me with my problem, I appreciate it.

Anyways today I spent the day trying to figure out more of why my PS3 froze. The PS3 freezes on a number of things, from the PS3 browser, to closing the Facebook application... But this is the first time it froze on the XMB. Anyways the day it froze I played it for nine hours, in fairly hot temperatures. It was probably 90-100 degrees outside that day. I played it and had no problems until the situation that caused it to freeze. The game was no lagging, load times were not slow. Anyways I tried to recreate the incident. I played the system for seven hours today, temperature was a little cooler today than yesterday, but still pretty hot. Anyways I played Resistance 2 all day long, same game, and constantly pressed the PS button, and was loading my friends profiles, viewing their trophies, and comparing trophies while the game was loading the same thing as when it froze the first time. The game never froze, and it was actually loading the game, and XMB/profiles faster than normal. (By the way I failed to mention today I did a File System Restore or whatever it is called. Which looks for corrupt files, and drivers on my PS3, and replaces them with the default drivers, and files used to run the system.) Anyways it now loads games, and the XMB/profiles with no problems, and loads them much faster than previous.

All in all I have determined that the system was simply trying to load to much at once, and had a little blip, and it should not freeze again. I feel the temperature's had nothing to do with the system freezing. As I have had my system on for fourteen days straight with no issue, and my PS3 is well ventilated, and well taken care of. I clean the vents monthly, and blow out the dust with a can of compressed air. Anyways I was just wondering what all of your opinions are, and if you all agree with me on it was a simple blip, and was trying to load to many things at once...

I know I am a pain in the ***, but I greatly appreciate it, and I am just trying to learn things through my incident, and again appreciate your time, and opinions. Sorry for the wall of texts guys.. :p Thanks again.
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It sounds like a blip, but I would make sure to keep it fully dusted and clean as it keeps your console in better health.

I would welcome any other person's opinion :D


P.S. Dw about being a pain in the ***, your just asking questions mate so your not one lol
Yes I have been thinking about it, and as far as I can remember, my PS3 has never froze on the XMB, or anything else. Only on the PS3 browser, which is fairly normal, and has also froze on MAG, which is having a lot of freezing issues at the moment....

Considering that, along with my other research, and conclusions, I think it was just a blip, the only concern I now have is was the heat an issue? I know that for example if a computer begins to get hot, it runs a little slower, and could possibly freeze. Though it was hot that day, my PS3 was running no hotter than normal, and was not running slower than normal.

Since that day the temperature has been cooler, I am waiting for a day to be as hot as that day, so i can do a few more tests... Thanks again for all of your help, you have helped put my mind to rest about this issue... I know I am very paranoid, but I love my PS3, it is my baby. :p

Also I have owned my system for seven months, playing 8-12 hours daily, with no issues, this is the first. Since the freeze my PS3 seems to be running a lot more smoothly, I think the File System Restore did my system a lot of good... I still constantly load my friends profiles, and compare trophies while the game is loading, and it loads very quickly...

If anyone has anything else to add, I would be grateful to hear others opinions on the matter, as these are my own conclusions, after doing tests, and research on the mater. Anyways, thanks again.
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Well, its just normal if XMB is not running smoothly at the same time while you are playing games which are massive stress for ps3, i bought my own ps3 4 years ago and i know something about ps3... no need to panic. if you are "paranoid" like you said, just take (for example flash drive, or in your mobile phone(if it has memorycard inside)) all important files (game saves, videos, music, photos...) every week and save them to your pc and remember to synchonize your trophies with server (it happens when you are not playing game and then going to check out trophies) and you can keep all important data in save. and if you have many accounts, write to notepad emails and passwords. :)
sometimes, even if it looks like it is downloading friend list and all quickly while playing, it might be "big burden" for your ps3, because its needs to load many things at the same time. i dont say you shouldnt do it, but maybe dont do it EVERY time you are going to play. just if you really need to check something...
there is not too many games which are 100% compatible with XMB(and this i mean, that XMB runs smoothly while playing game), its normal.
if you had your ps3 7 months this far, it still have warranty. you could call to your ps3's seller and ask if they will take care of it, or does it need "real" problem(that is not real problem).
my ps3 freezes sometimes, but its not problem. there is no console/any system and game this far out which is bug-free. it just happens sometimes, even to the bests. :)
and btw, when you are clearing your system with compressed air, wait few minutes before starting your ps3 or even plugging power cord. this also might help, because when you spray the air, its COLD. its not good for ps3 to be heating just after its "cooled".
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Actually it's bad to take something hot and flash cool it, going from cold to hot is ok.
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