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I've had a nightmare building a 1155 PC because all 3 motherboards of differant brands I've tried give of coil whine buzz from around CPU area with 3 differant PSUs.
So it seems I might have to admit defeat and disable C-state in BIOS to fix the noise.
I am using MSI P67A-C65(which advertises whistle free) and c1e is disabled by default and c-state fully enabled.
c1e doesn't make any differance to the noise so is that best left disabled shall I enable it?

I've done alot of testing myself and looked all over the internet for answers but not much luck in finding answers.
Here are my findings anyway:
c1e-enabled/c-state disabled(no noise): Idle: 1 volt/1600MHz/0%Turbo booster/26°C
Orthos/load: 1.2V/3.4ghz/25% Turbobooster usage/50% CPU usage(maybe software bug)/43°C
Crysis CPU test avarage fps:27, 29, 29, 29

c1e-enabled/c-state enabled(coil whine): Idle: 0.93 volt/1600MHz/0%Turbo booster/24%
Orthos/load: 1.2V/3.6ghz/80% Turbobooster usage/50% CPU usage/43°C
Crysis CPU test avarage fps:26.8, 28.8, 29, 28

c1e disabled/c-state enabled is same as above.
So if anything I seemed to gain FPS with c-state disable even though my CPU clock is 2000mhz slower and turbo booster won't seem to go over 25% with it disabled, it also ran with more volts on idle without it.

C1E didn't seem to change anything.

Could anyone please explain the pros and cons of these and if the differance will be as small as it looks or any advice regarding the squeal/whine itself.

I know it's asking alot, but motherboard manufators won't help and I built this PC specifically to run quietly(i don't know why squeal/whine/buzz/fans/HDs etc bother me so much but I end up with headache every day..).
Hope someone can help. Cheers
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