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Hi All,

At work we have a Windows Server 2003 box running 3-4 hard drives in (I presume) RAID 1 with Promise Array Management software. Documentation on the setup has been scant so I'm looking for some answers to some hopefully simple questions!

I say 3-4 because 2 of the hard drives are constantly in use (blinking lights) while the other 2 are hot-swapped as part of the backup routine.

The questions:

1) Does each hard drive contain a full image of the OS / boot sector / etc.? i.e. if we lose 3 hard drives, can we restore from just the remaining one, and how?

2) How can we be notified if one of the hard drives fails, and how do we tell which one needs to be replaced?

3) After an old hard drive is plugged in, will it sync automatically? How can we check the sync progress?

4) How do we upgrade the capacity of the server? Currently we are using 4x 80GB hard drives and would like to upgrade to say 500GB. Do we just swap out the hard drives one by one? (What about the active ones?)

Many thanks in advance!
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