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Project Server 2003 - 'Alert Me' Issue

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Hi All

I have searched high and low (both on this forum and on google) and I have not been able to find information remotely close to what Im looking for. Im really hoping you guys may be able to help me out with this.

In Project Server 2003, when drilling into the project from the PWA page I had setup alerts so that I can get notification emails whenever any changes have been made to an 'issue' in the Issue List. However, when I ran some tests and made changes to an issue, I never recieved any email notification.

Just a few things other issues to note which I think that might be causing alerts not to be sent out.

1. When I log in to edit an issue I get an error message although it still allows me to save the changes made to the issue. (Attachement - PS_1).

2. Even though I have assigned the issue to myself, on the PWA page, it says that I dont have any issues assigned to me. (Attachment - PS_2 and PS_3).

NB - I have checked and re-checked to ensure that all alerts are turned on.

I would really really appreciate any help on this guys. I have literally been playing with Project Server and searching the whole day on this issue and I just cannot find any info on this.

Thanks in advance.


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