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Programs to test for hardware issues?

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Alright, my problem here is strange startup issues described as such:
1. Computer usually starts up fine, but after it (quickly most of the time) gets past the Microsoft loading bar screen, it stays black and a blue screen comes up showing it loading system memory dumps or something similar, then proceeds to shut down.
2. It takes several attempts, usually 8-12 times for the computer to reach the user logic screen.
3. Sometimes the computer will freeze at the microsoft loading screen and proceed to restart giving me a message saying Windows didn't start up successfully.
4. This problem happened all of the sudden for the last 2 days, but did it in the past, but then stopped. I forgot how I fixed it before if I did at all, and so far today, it was random. Started fine sometimes but then froze other times.
5. During gameplay (Rift) the game makes a loud sound (similar to a console freezing) that remains constant, the mouse works fine for a few seconds outside the game as it is played in Windowed mode, but then the entire computer freezes forcing me to shut it down by holding down the power button.

I doubt it is a overheating issue, since I bought a new power supply and a new graphics card, removed the dust from the inside of my tower, and applied thermal compound to the heat sink.

I am wondering what programs I can download to test what parts of my hardware are having issues to remove the possibilities of the causes of my error so I can cut down on what I need to try/buy to fix it?

My processor is an AMD Phenom and my motherboard belongs to the Gateway GM5664 model which I believe dates back to 2005.

What programs would you guys recommend to see if it is indeed a motherboard/ram/processor issue so I can know what I need to repair/replace before I actually waste money? And what steps can I take to narrow down the search for the source of my freezing/startup problems?

P.S: Haven't tried a startup repair, nor reinstalling my operating system yet, due to me having trouble finding the CD to do so.
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There are softwares to test Hdd's but that's about it for hardware.
The common way I check for a bad Hdd is boot from Linux CD to bypass the Hdd.
Brand & Model of the PSU and GPU?
Can you boot to the Bios to check Temps & Voltages.
Your problem has the symptoms of a power problem.
Power supply is Corsair GM600w, and now that you mention it, I have two harddrives, a total of 1 TB, 500 GB for each drive, before these problems the second 500GB drive would appear on my Computer along with the primary drive (Local C:) and Recovery, now only Local C and Recovery appears, that would indicate a power supply problem right?
Maybe. Disconnect the Hdd that does NOT contain the OS and see what happens.
Are you certain your PSU is a Corsair?
Are you using Onboard Graphics or a dedicated GPU?
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