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Program unable to contact/connect to servers in the internet

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Hello All,

I have been having this problem with my computer for some time. My problem is that programs in my computer are not able to connect to the internet in order to do updates. However, my web browsers perfectly connect to the internet.

Examples of errors
(1) My Norton 360 could not do Liveupdates. The error I get if a try to do livedupdate with my Norton is "LiveUpdate failed. Could not connect to the LiveUpdate Server".

(2)Google Earth: I tried to install Google Earth in my PC but I could not complete the process because I always got the error: "Google Updater was unable to contact the server"

(3) Microsoft Office Help: Whenever I click the help icon on any Microsoft Office help icon, I would get the error message: "not connected".

(4) I have some other programs I tried to install in my PC but I always have an error message about not being able to contact their server etc.

Troubleshooting so far
I have received previous advice that it might be my Firewall (both Windows, Norton and Linksys Wireless router) that may be the cause of the problem. I decided to check this theory by temporarily disabling my Windows and Norton Firewalls and connecting straight to my modem, but the problem still persited.

Please I desperately need help on this. I use an HP Pavilion dv4000 laptop. My Internet connection is via cable modem (Time Warner cable). My OS is Windows XP (SP2)

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Try this usually fixes connectivity issues:
You may want to check the cable modem itself. Some have port blocking built into them and it may need to be opened.
Hello all,

Thanks for your advices. I have been able to resolve this issue. My computer is running good now and all programs are able to connect to the internet and do updates etc.

This is what I did to correct the issue
(1) Uninstall Norton 360
(2)Install AVG (free edition)
(3)Did a scan with AVG and AVG caught and removed some trojan/virus
(4)After the AVG scan I rebooted my system. After I rebooted my system, my system could no longer connect to the internet even with IE or Mozzilla Firefox
(5) I called my ISP (Time Warner Cable) and they said that my modem is good.
(6) I searched in the internet and got a WinsockFix.exe program. It is like the program cleans computer registers or something like that.
(7) I ran the WinsockFix.exe; and lo and behold, my computer started working well with all the programs connecting to the Internet
(8) I bought and downloaded AVG Internet Security (paid version).
(9) My system is working perfectly now.

I give kudos to AVG Internet Security. I think it is way above Norton in user friendliness and functionality.

Thats is all.
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