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I'm a newbie.

Can processors be replaced, updated, or upgraded? I mean, what are they? Is it some kinda chip on my motherboard? I can tell you, if I right click My Computer, I can say my specs are:

AMD Athlon(tm) Processor
1.20 GHz
512 MB RAM

But some of my games require 1.7 GHz. I'd like to upgrade my processor, but I'm so clueless, I need to know what I'm doing. Is it possible to upgrade, replace the processor? Does anyone know any good price ranges? Am I supposed to get a new motherboard? That's enough questions, I'll stop. :tongue: :grin:

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If you post your model of motherboard, we can give you a better answer. You may be able to just replace the CPU.
I took a look at it with a flash light. . . and I kinda have trouble. The computer is a Gateway machine, I think the model number is this... or that...

F2 E203413 (On the same line as this code, is a backwards "R" and a U, RU)


MS-6389 Ver 1.0

I really can't tell if that's right or not. I'm going to look up and see what I get, but I need to get to bed, it's late here. I'll check this tomorrow.
Wow. That's a mass bit of information. *Bookmark* thanks.
Your welcome. If you have any more questions, post back.
I had an online discussion with the dude at gateway. He suggested to take the computer tower to a store to look at size and such. He suggested that the store should assist me in doing so, but he said I could do it myself. I'd rather take a change and learn some hardware stuff and try this myself.

I asked him what I should look for in what could be compatible, but for some reason he didn't reply, and about 20 minutes passed. How do I know what to look for in a mother board? The link you gave me is really neat, but I'm clueless on the technical stuff.
If you look at the top of Terrister's link, it says your motherboard can take an Athlon CPU between 1000 and 1400mhz. If your games require a minimum of 1700mhz then unfortunately you will need to buy a new motherboard and CPU to play them.

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A new motherboard for me I guess. The CPU is a chip on the motherboard right? They're not two seperate things?
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