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This is my first post, so I apologise if I miss anything out or misquote anything. I've read all your 5 steps, and completed most of them, however I don't think I have a spyware problem so have not yet run tools such as HiJack. If you think I do, let me know and I'll run the reports.

I have this problem with IE7. The reason its posted here is because I don't know if IE is causing the issue...

If I open multiple tabs, or windows in IE, or if I'm online browsing web pages for over 10 minutes, I suddenly get where new pages won't load up. The green bar at the bottom continue's too move across at a really slow pace but nothing happens and the pages stay blank. If I close IE and reopen, the problem is still there. If I close IE, I find in task manager that the process is still running, often at around 115000k. If I click end task, nothing happens.

After i've run into this issue, i notice similar problems with other programs. For instance, WMP. If I close it, the process still runs and it cant be end tasked. Note that the process does not appear under programs in task manager, just processes.

It appears that when I have a process open, such as IE or WMP, there are 2 running in task manager. If i close WMP manually (After the issue with the internet), only one of these processes dies. The other just stays there, and can't be end tasked.

Ive tried swapping to Firefox and Opera, but both run into the same issue. Strangely, while I can no longer view web pages using a browser, it doesnt affect any other program using the net. MSN still works fine, and so does WMP if im looking up album information.

In order to fix it, I have to restart my PC... but the restart button on the start menu no longer works. Instead, I have to hold the power button on my PC, which I'm sure isn't particularly good for it.

I've done all basics such as defragging and clearing using recommended programs. Ive run Windows Defender, Adaware, Spybot, Panda and everything recommended in your threads... but nothing. Ive tried opening up more connections for the net, that hasn't helped. Ive even stopped TCP/IP autotuning, and believe I have all the latest drivers and updates from microsoft.

The only thing I can think it may be is, i recently had an issue with mobysnc, whereby my computer kept lagging and my mouse disconnecting for a few seconds every minute. I managed to turn mobysnc off via the registry after consulting a different messageboard, which has so far worked. Although i can't see how that would affect this new problem!

My specs are:
Vista SP1 (32 bit)
Pentium Dual Core E2180 - 2 x 2 ghz
ATi Radeon HD 2400

The only other thing I think it could be is temps inside the PC. My hard drive is at 53 degrees according to speedfan, but its always that high and its always been the part in my PC thats scored the best on benchmarking tools.

Sorry for all this information, and I really appreciate any advice you can give me... Let me know if ive missed anything out.
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