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Ok, i have been reading through the other problems with XP and restarting during the boot.

I am having similar problems on my other machine. What really pissed me off is the fact that i havnt touched it or changed anything to it and now its decided to play dirty.

Anyway, let me jsut give u a run down of the spec etc jsut so u kno

2.8 Amd Athlon Barton
512 Corsair DDR Low latency XMS3200LL memory
Western Digital Raptor 36.7GB Serial ATA 10000RPM HDD
Abit NF7 v2.0 nForce2 Mobo
Gforce4 MX440 graphics card [dont laugh :)]

ok, thats the basic summary. Before this problem i had every single update from microsoft availible and i make sure my computer runs fairly fast anyway :D

ok, I pressed the power button and it continues normaly up until the lwindows XP loading screen. It does one bar then decides to restart itself. ITs a vicious circle. :D

ok, As im Running SATA i get some very strange problems in the winxp install as i did when i first installed XP
Anyway, i told it to boot from the Winxp CD as i was going to try the Repair windows XP tool that is on there and that everyone has been telling otheres to use. First i had to tell it to find my SATA drivers from my floppy drive first which is successfully done. Then i told it to go to the repair section. As it did this i was greeted with this rather unpleasent message to me

ntfs.sys - address F81548E9 base at F8145000, Datestamp 3b7dc5d0

its pretty annoying as it has happneed once before and then i cudnt be assed to fight it, so i reformated. But this time its jsut annoying me and showing me that it will only do it over and over again until its fixed.
Everything in my computer is fairly new and nothing should be wrong, as i say, its been working fine up until this **** problem.

Right, well if you guys need any more information, id be happy to give it to you. Im starting to think this SATA drive is more trouble than its worth.

Thanks in advance


EDIT - Just out of intrest, wudnt be anything to do with my power supply wud it? Its fairly old and i was thinking of getting a new one anyway?!?! jsut a thought
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