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I tried e-mailing ATI tech support, but the e-mail keeps bouncing back.

here's the e-mail I sent them:

My problem is that the resolution of the image being sent to my TV is too large.

For some reason in the XP control panel I cannot choose any resolution other than 640x480 for my TV, anything else I choose just goes back to 640x480 when I hit apply or OK.

The lowest resoltion I can choose for my primary display is 800x600.

Whenever I try to watch a movie or any other video file, when I put it on full screen, the image sent to the TV is in 800x600 instead of 640x480, so I don't actually get the whole image on the screen, and the screen will scroll if I move the mouse to the edges.

I've played a few video games using the TV out, and I've played them at 640x480 and they show up fine on the screen, so I'm thinking this full screen issue is because the lowest resolution XP will let me choose is 800x600.

Is there any way to resolve this? Maybe a specific media player that will force 640x480 on full screen mode?
Anyone heard of something simmilar? Got any ideas on a fix so I can actually use the TV Out for what its meant for?
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