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Problems with SSD touching?

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I recently bought a 64 GB Corsair SSD to replace an old hard drive that crashed. The drive holds my Windows 7 operating system.

Things were running fine for a few weeks, then lately I noticed that periodically I would do a task, like open a browser, and my PC would just completely freeze for exactly 60 seconds (yes, I timed it with a stopwatch--always exactly 1 minute. Is that odd?)

Over the last few days the frequency of these freezes increased. It was happening almost every 3 minutes. I tried uninstalling my antivirus and firewall but still no luck. Then I reset my PC and I got a "disk read error" when trying to boot up.

Realizing I had a serious problem, I opened up the case and realize that my SSD was actually resting on my other hard drive. (Since the SSD is so small I couldn't mount it the normal way.) Metal was touching metal on the two drives, so on a whim I moved the SSD away from the other hard drive so that there was no more contact.

Now it seems like the problem has been fixed. Been about 30 minutes now and no freezes and my OS seems to be booting up much faster too. So unless it's just a coincidence, I'm wondering if anyone has an explanation for why my PC would lock up for exactly 1 minute when hard drives are touching...
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I would say there's no real significance to the 60 seconds.

Sounds like you had a short in the system. I don't know exactly what the effects of a short would be on a SSD, but that's what it looks like. If the system functions normally now, I'd figure that was the problem. But I don't think there's anything important about it freezing for one minute.
Maybe it's the heat? and 60 second probably just a coincidence.
My guess is that the controller of the SSD registered an interfearance from your HDD, and took necessary steps to prevent failure (internal self-check of some sort), which could explain the consistent 60sec freeze.

Has it been working without freezes since then?


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