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Problems with resetting, PSU to CPU connection advice needed. And other adivce.

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Ok, i've just bought yesterday an E6600, abit AW9D-MAX, and 2GB (2x1GB) GeIL PC6400. I've installed them in my Raidmax Sagitta with Tuniq Tower 120 paired with AS5 and some shiny new rounded IDE's and whatnot. I have a 120mm intake and 120mm exhaust, along with a 80mm side panel fan (had to rotate the window because of the huge Tuniq getting in the fans way). Now here's where i have my problem, the power supply is the 500W one that came with the case, just a cheap raidmax one. Everything was fine until i had to plug in the CPU power connector, but unfortunately, all it had was a 4 pin from older type motherboards. So i was like "No way i'm waiting a week to play with this." so i jammed my 4 pin in the 8 pin connector although it's just loosely in there without a clip and booted, pilot LED on the board read 'FF' which in the manual is "boot attempt" and it's stayed like that since. It was fine until i thought i'd install Quake 4 and give a timedemo a go. As soon as i clicked 'new game' it reset, and happened the next time i did too, just to check it wasn't a coincidence. And now sometimes it resets when the track changes on WMP or just randomly. I ran Orthos for 20 minutes with a CPU+RAM test and it ran fine at full load no problems. It resets every time i try to run a game, although a couple older games like Counter Strike Source run for maybe 15 minutes before the Pc resets. Here are some more details of my setup:

E6600 @ stock 2.4Ghz - 1.30 V 23c Idle, 34c running orthos 100% both cores. Room temp is around 20 i think, rough guess. No thermometer.

2GB GeIL DDR2 (800MHz @ 4-4-4-12) - 2.1 V, i've already sorted out my LAT from 5-5-5-15, should i go further? I'd need advice for that.

AW9D-MAX totally up to date bios and Guru control panel (for those that know of it)

I also wanted to run my fsb 1:1 with my memory so i was planning on dropping the multiplier from 9 to 6, and the fsb to 400 (6x400=2.4Ghz) I can't imagine any problems with that but i havn't read anything about changing the multi on the E6600 so i'd like to double check.

On my Motherboard control panel it's set to auto reset if the volage goes to either 0.00 V or 1.65 V, so this could just be some vast fluctuation when running certain things.

Any help would be great!

P.S - If you're going to suggest to me any PSU's i can't really go above £100/$200, i'm only 15, and income is pathetic ;O.

P.P.S - If it's possible to get 4 to 8 pin cpu power connectors, are they any good? And will that be enough for my system?
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Obviously we are going to have to tell you to get a different psu. Having the 4 pin connector sitting loose inside a 8 pin connector is just asking for a pin to burn out. Also the additional power required by the mobo is not being supplied....thus whenever the mobo is under load it shuts down. I suggest you have a little patience, grab a new psu at yoyotech (UK) the Antec trio is just 70 quid and an excellent psu.
Once you get the power straightened out, start another thread (be sure to list ALL of your comonents....see my link below) and we'll help out with the system settings and such. You may also wish to read the psu selector at the bottom of my post....if you use the calculator, add 30% to the results and use that figure if you do not like my reccomended psu
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