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Problems with new ram

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My Computer currenty has 2gb of Ram. (2x1gb)

I have just bought another 1gb (2x512mb)

I install it and i boot the computer up. it gets to the xp loading screen and it shuts off and restarts.

It is the ram as it does not do it without the new ram in.

My motherboard can definatly hold 3gb of ram so it is not that.

The 2 1gb rams are by crucial

the 2 512mb sticks are by acer

Any ideas?
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Compatiblity issue, you may try to tweak the voltage in bios, may or
may not help.
I would rather run 2x1 gig of ram in dual mode than 3 gigs in single mode.
Filling all the RAM slots on the Mobo is not advised.
Try the new RAM by itself to determine if the RAM is good.
Running the 2X1 and the 2X512 should still be Dual Channel.
I didnt catch the 2x512, your right, but still doubtful it will work mixing
the brands..Even if same brand, and type its a crap shoot whether it
will work or not in dual mode..
yeah the ram works on its own
The RAM working on it's own would bring you back to manic's first post.
Most likely a compatibility problem between the Crucial and Acer.
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