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Good Evening.

I have been having problems connecting to my wireless network at home. I run Windows 7 on my desktop, new computer, no problems. I recently bought a Micronet Wireless LAN PCI Adapter (Model No. SP906GK V5) to allow me to connect to my home wireless network.

My wifes laptop connects perfectly to the network, as does my iPhone etc. No problems there. My desktop connects to the network when wired with an ethernet cable, no problems there but for other reasons I'd like to be able to connect to the inter using wireless on my desktop.

The wireless adapter was recognized and accepted fine, from what I can tell and will connect to the network. However, it doesn't receive any information form the network at the same time as the network works fine on my iPhone, laptop etc. When I troubleshoot in Windows it says that the network has "No Valid IP Configuration".

Another problem could be that the software that came with the card didn't seem to like being installed on Windows 7. It wanted to be on Windows 2000/ME/XP etc. etc.

Any help would be greatly appreiciated.

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