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Problems with Hotmail/E-mail and MSN Chat

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I do have a friend who is having a strange problem in their computer, since there was problems with DSL connection in our location, there was certain moments the DSL connection was extremly slow, and ISP was called in and checked the problem, the ISP managed to reset the modem (Alcatel Speed Touch Pro, that has 4 ports but do have currently 3 computers on it ) and was able to surf back on the internet, and with music streaming.
But the problem presented it self that you cannot open the hotmail, when you do try you get the message: This page cannot be displayed.
If you want to go on MSN Chat, you can see who is online but you cannot
chat (send instant message)

Another problem I note is with the local e-mail in Outlook Express you can receive them, but if you try to send an e-mail it will not go.
The modem/router is not so old only 1 and a half year old, so I cannot think
the modem can already give technical problems.
For the most part you can surf o.k. on the internet, when the ISP came by to check the problem with their laptop they say the modem is o.k., but I do not understand why the trouble is still with MSN Chat and hotmail and local e-mail
Any advice or help will be highly appreciated.

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