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Problems with FTP in DMZ

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This is the situation:

Where I work we need to allow some of our outside customers to come in and place a daily file onto an FTP server that sets in our DMZ. First of all the reason that this machine has to set in the DMZ is because of Compliance Regulations. Second we want to strictly control what exactly they have access too once they are into the network.

We are controlling them primarily through the VPN connection with our Sonicwall Firewall. We have figured out a way to look them into only a connection with this FTP server and stop them from using RDC or setting up any Windows Terminal Server Session.

The FTP server is running IIS5.0 for Windows 2000 Professional.

We are running a two batch files from a machine on the domain to pull the file from this FTP server. The following is the first script(naturally, machine names and shares are changed):

FTP -s:C:\remupload\remoteupload.ftp​

This batch tells us to use another file that will load a series of FTP commands.

The second file that contains the FTP commands looks like this:

cd customer
lcd c:\ecl
put eclfile.dat

This file essentially opens the port, fills in username and password, opens a directory than copies the file over to a folder on the local machine that it is ran from.

This is where my problem comes in, it is saying that the username and password is not valid. This unfortunately is not true. However if I use Windows Explorer to log into the FTP it works just fine and in reality it allows me to log on as anonymous.

If anyone could shed some light on this or point me in the right direction I would be grateful.

Also, as time goes by this process will need to pick up multiple files. I would like to avoid having to run this specific batch more than once. Would it be wise to build a VBscript to perform this function or is there another easier way to do this.

In the case of when there will be more users. Each user will be assigned there own folder which is all that they can log into. They will upload there file into this specified folder and than they are done. I would eventually like to have a script that I can simply add another object and it would go out and pick up each file. Something like the following(not the actual code but you get the point)

*before new customer add
Dim Selden,

*after customer add

Dim Selden,

Any help would be appreciated.


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