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Problems installing Ubuntu 8.04

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Hello all
I've recently downloaded the new ubuntu (first time user), and i wanted to try it as a dual boot with my Vista system. The MD5checksum worked out fine and it burned without problems onto a CD. However when i try to run it off this CD (it's a live CD), no matter what I do I end up at this screen after the first main menu screen that gives me the option to install, run ubuntu, check memory etc...

(sorry about the quality, i only have my phone's camera with me)

any ideas what to do from here, or what this means?
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Take a look at this thread from the ubuntu forum. Busy Box.

Problem Solved! Turns out all i had to do was burn it at a slower speed (4x), rather than the 24x that I used.
Great to hear that your problem is solved, and welcome to the world of linux!
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