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Problems in sending e-mails using Linksys WAG54G

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Hi, I have a modem-router Linksys WAG54G and I am totally unable to send e-mails using Outlook or Outlook Express. The strange thing is that I can receive, but I cannot send. I tried to change the MTU settings, but it did't work. Can someone help me, plese?
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Have you setup an SMTP server? When setting up Outlook your e-mail provider may have given you your POP3 address ( for retreaving e-mails, but if you havent setup your SMTP server ( then you can't send e-mails.

Is this the problem?
SMTP and POp are set correctly. They work if I use the standard dial up connection, but when I connect to ADSL using muy Linksys router, I can send e-mails, but I cannot receive them using Outlook or Outlook express.
Can someone give my any suggestions?
I'm using same router on BT Broadband and have no problems at all in sending/receiving via Outlook Express...

It may well be worth double checking your POP3 details as more often than not it is a simple thing like a full stop or a comma out of place.

A friend of mine had a similar thing. Unable to send receive emails.

On closer inspection it transpired he had a full stop in his name when he set up his account..Once this was rectified he was able to send and receive email...

Hope this helps, if not please advise and i'll look at my settings on router..
What e-mail service are you using??

It may not be anything with your router, it may be the e-mail service provider or your ISP?

What port are you using for SMTP, port 25? Some ISP's block port 25 and some ISP's require you to use their SMTP servers.

see if you can send and receive mail with webmail
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