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I have been trying to access,, and trying to download messenger from msn sites and I am not getting any access, yet when I access for instance, I am able to access it.
I have 2 gb of memory, 2.2 ghz of cpu speed and I have Microsoft Vista 32bit.

At first, I thought it was a virus so I went and did a scan. I have Mcaffee Security Center 2007-2008. I was unable to do an update on my signatures. Well the program said that I retrieve new signatures yet when I go into the Windows security center it is saying different.

Secondly, I tried removing any spyware with lavasoft adware program. When it was finished, I tried. Nothing

Thirdly, I tried to see if it is a problem with the firewall, that is try to see if these sites that I am unable to reach are being neglected by the firewall. However, in my opinion, Vista is soo much different to XP. I could not find the firewall option.

Can someone tell me if what I am doing wrong? I need to access my email and I just can not get onto it

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