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Problem with Zotac Graphics Card - Possibly

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Hi. I need some help with an intermittent fault with my PC.
Every so often, the display breaks up, freezes and the pc hangs, requiring a reboot.
I thought this was a game related issue, but it started occurring at other times too.
Even after a reboot, the splash screen often showed remnants of the display break up.
So is this a graphics card problem, or something else?
Please see attached image.

My Spec .
OS: Windows XP Home
Graphics: Zotac - NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT
Mobo: Gigabyte - P35-DS3L
Processor: Intel - Core2 Duo E4600 2.40GHz
RAM: Crucial - BL25664AL80A16FE5
PSU: OCZ – 600SXS StealthXStream 600W


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They're called artifacts , and if they're happening in the bios as well then it's a direct hardware fault. Check your gpu temps.
I've had this problem with my 8800gt a couple of years ago but only with games. Like emosun said check the gpu temps, you can with This software here.
I would recommend using GPU-Z for the GPU info.
techPowerUp! :: Downloads
Guys, thanks for all your comments.

I tried GPU-Z, and it reported 57 and 49 deg C from the two sources.
These temps rose by about 10 deg C when gaming. Highest reading was 68 deg C.
Does this sound to high?
Actually, I've not experience any problems in the last two days, but I will continue to monitor temps.

Many thanks for your help
Those temps are acceptable.
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